Finally Here In Kuching, Sarawak...
Malaysia's #1 Internet Business Mentor Is Conducting 
A Live 2 Hour Workshop In Your City:
Free Workshop Shows You The Proven 3 Steps System to Creating Wealth on The Internet With Just RM10 Start-up Capital...
No Technical Skills Needed & Anyone Can Do This Including YOU.
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About This Event:
"Wealth on the Internet" is a signature event where we help average people to go from zero - to their first six figures USD in income through digital marketing. 

Today we live in a world with so much uncertainty, so much unemployment, jobs are no longer secure and more importantly, rising expenses... Hence, we must do something to help us create a higher level of income for ourselves. 

In this 2 hours event, you will learn directly from Malaysia's #1 digital marketing coach who specializes in helping average people just like you - to start a profitable online business in as little as 2 hours! 
What You Will Learn From This Event:
The trainer/speaker for this event, Desmond Ong, has over 13 years of under-fire business experiences. He started at the age of 15, with just a computer, and went on to generate over $5 million worth of sales before he turned 25. 

He has consulted for some of the largest companies and businesses in Malaysia, United States of America, United Kingdom, Singapore and Australia. 

Desmond is also the best-selling author of the book, Against All Odds, international speaker & millionaire mentor. 

He has been featured on big stages all over Asia and has been labeled Malaysia's #1 internet business coach due to the high amount of successful students he has been able to produce. 

He has produced over hundreds of success stories world wide and now, he is on a mission to educate the masses about how just about anyone, can start a profitable online business to generate passive income. 

Inside this event, you will learn:

✅ How to start a simple digital online business that earns in USD
✅ How to run a simple e-commerce business that yields high profits
✅ How to use social media for maximum profitability
✅ How to grow your business or other people's business with social media

And much much more! 
Desmond's proudest achievement is that he is
now able to take care of his family without worrying
about money ever again.

Desmond's business has allowed him to live & travel all
around the world from Italy to Japan to USA.

Desmond with USA's #1 social media business influencer, 
Gary Vaynerchuk.
Words From Our Previous Attendees:
Event Details:

We will be conducting 3 sessions of the workshop in Kuching. You will be required to pick only one session once your application is approved.

Language: Speaker will speak mainly in English, but you can ask questions to the speaker in Mandarin or Bahasa Malaysia.  

Session 1: Friday Evening

Friday, 8 June 2018 - 7:30PM at Citadines Upland Hotel in Kuching, Sarawak.

Session 2: Saturday Morning

Saturday, 9 June 2018 - 10:00AM at Citadines Upland Hotel in Kuching, Sarawak.

Feel free to bring your own writing materials. There will be Q&A session at the end with the speaker. 

Event Location: 

Citadines Uplands Kuching (Hotel)
55, Q5A, Kenyalang Park, 93300 Kuching, Sarawak
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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Will the speaker picks the attendees to answer questions?
No. The focus of this workshop is enable you to learn. So get ready to write a lot of notes. 

2. What time does the registration starts? 
The registration will commence 30 minutes before the actual event starts. Please arrive on time so you don’t miss anything. (We will start on time)

3. How much is the parking fee?
Parking fee is controlled by the venue. Rest assure that we always pick a place that has affordable parking rates. Please contact the venue directly to enquire about parking rates. 

4. What is the start time and end time for the seminar?
The entire event is about 2 hours long. There will be a 15 minutes questions & answers if you have any question. 

5. Do you provide coffee/tea/lunch/breakfast during the event?
Since this event is free, food and drinks are not provided. 

6. Why is the event free of charge? Is there any hidden agenda?
Our company’s main mission is to educate people about the right way to approach business and investments. Hence, we want to give you a lot of free values first so you can make an informed decision when it comes to starting on the path of financial success. At the end of the event, we * might * offer an optional way for you to go further with us if you choose to. 

7. How many people are you expecting for the event? 
Our event size ranges from 10 people to sometimes 200 people. It depends entirely on location and timing. 

8. How do I register for the event? 
On this page, you can click on the button that says “Confirm Your Seat” to start the registration process. 

9. Can I bring a guest/friend?
Certainly! Make sure to register your friend’s information on this page or you can send this page URL to your friend to register.

10. When is the next seminar if I miss this one?
Honestly - we don’t run many of these seminars and we only do it when we get demands from the audience. So we don’t really know when the next one will be. However, you can always register first on this page — and we can inform of the next one via email - if we decide to do another one. 

11. What is the dress code for this seminar? 
Whatever is comfortable for you. We suggest smart casual so you can do some networking at the end of the event. 

12. Is this a MLM recruitment seminar?
No. This event has nothing to do with networking marketing, direct selling or anything like that. This event is purely educational. 
This event is sponsored by:

New Age Business & Investment Education
(Malaysia, Japan, USA, Singapore & Vietnam)
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